about us

We hatched our first leopard geckos in 1999 after our first adult female unexpectedly laid an egg in my wife’s hand while she was holding her. After seeing those little heads poking out of their eggs, we were hooked. Over the following 20+ years we also bred African Fat Tail, Crested, and Viper geckos here in the United States and also in Japan when we were stationed there with the US Army. We sold our animals at herptopia.com which you can still find reviews for online. We also ran what we believe to have been the second Gecko Cam online at herpcam.com. 

As often happens, life and service got in the way of hobbies and we had to take a several year hiatus and only had pet reptiles we did not breed. Over the past few years we’ve begun acquiring and breeding a small number of animals again, focusing on quality over quantity.

We live in the Knoxville, Tennessee area and periodically travel around eastern Tennessee so if you’d like to avoid the stress and expense of shipping, contact us to see if we can deliver or meet somewhere halfway.